Junior Long Memorial Scholarships

Oil and gas have long been catalysts in the development of the Tri-State area.  Our industry has been instrumental in the growth and sustainability of our local and state economy.  A key figure of our industry was the late Bobby Joe Cudd.  Mr. Cudd was a generous businessman whose integrity, humility and work ethic served as examples for many inside and outside our industry.  The convention is intended to honor Bobby Joe Cudd and his legacy while simultaneously providing a venue for companies within our region to showcase their products and abilities.  Additionally, the convention provides attendees with a series of panel discussions and speakers centered on current topics for our industry.

Convention organizers desire to help students within our region achieve their educational and career goals through post-secondary education in the form of scholarships for high school seniors.  The scholarship program is funded by the proceeds of the annual Bobby Joe Cudd Legacy Golf Tournament as a part of the annual convention.  High school seniors in the Tri-State area may apply by downloading, completing and mailing an application. Applications are due by April 1st.

Thank you to our Junior Long Memorial Scholarship sponsor Phillips 66.


2024 Scholarship Winners