Bobby Joe Cudd Legacy Awards

The Bobby Joe Cudd Legacy Award is commemorated for the lifelong achievements that a true industry icon, Bobby Joe Cudd, gave to the industry. The Cudd family and the TSOGC executive planning committee wishes to honor living members of the oil and gas community who demonstrate the traits that Bobby Joe Cudd exhibited. Those qualities include hard work, innovation, leadership and sustainability.

Previous award winners have been:

Bill Meadows - Woodward

Don Jeter - Woodward

J.D. Hodges - Woodward

Gene Cook - Woodward

Red Hickman - Woodward

Buster Martin - Woodward

Bob Grace - Amarillo, TX

George Arrington - Canadian, TX

Dudley H. Smith - Canadian, TX

Brian Hogue - Woodward

Al Comstock - Woodward

Bob Gilliam - Woodward

Dana Murphy - Oklahoma City

Forrest Fisher - Woodward

Dave Patterson - Woodward

Larry & Elaine Gatrell - Woodward

Susanne Christian - Woodward

Stan Blundell - Kingfisher

Ned Lowry - Liberal, KS

Greg Wines - Woodward

Steve Winters - OKC

JW Waldrop - Woodward

Larry Girton - 

Charlie Hogue - Woodward

Dean Fisher - Woodward

AJ Jaques

Jackie Miller

Douglas Finley

Richard Waggoner

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